“Dabba Khali, Peth Full. Khao healthy, hum Khush.”

Mammas Lunch Box Food Tech Pvt. Ltd is an exclusive cook healthy and deliver lunch box brand in the smart city of Hubli. Incorporated in the year 2015 August 17, this remarkable concept caught attention our Mommy Chef Roopali Started from 6 boxes to now growing over 250 boxes and from single school to soaring number of 17 on whole, Mammas Lunch Box has successfully become a one-stop solution for all working-class population who seek a healthy and tension free life for their complete family. Our Lunch box celebrates variety that tickles taste buds, healthy meal that reminds you of your mum and specialized cooking by our Mommy Roopali with unlimited love. Each day the lunch box carries a different menu and elements rarely repeated. Wibest indoor tv antenna 100 mile range free slots vegas worldth days passing by, we have now scaled our lunchbox services not just to schools but also to college, working individuals and corporates.

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